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Songs of Praise

I’ve been procrastinating about my health for a while and this year I have made it my business to make better choices and be more proactive about my healthy lifestyle. Ivy came right on time. I saw the meal prep that he did for another customer and I told myself that’s it... no more procrastinating. We both consulted about what foods I like and didn’t like. The prices were very reasonable. The day I received my meal preps I felt like a kid in the candy store. That following Monday I ate my first meal and I was so amazed and how seasoned the food was and the presentation of the food. Presentation is key and Ivy did just that for me. I’m now eating veggies that I’ve never ate before such as brussel sprouts and asparagus. I’m thrilled to be open to new ideas but more importantly his ideas. I’m thankful for my meal prep and there are times where I may eat half for lunch and the other for dinner. I love it and I can’t wait to continue on this healthy lifestyle with ICE!

Kentrilia Whitson

Jairus, I first want to start by saying the food was phenomenal!!! That spinach stuffed chicken breast was everything! Thank you guys so much for your timeliness and professionalism. We brainstormed this idea for weeks and you guys executed it beyond my expectations. This was my first time booking you and I’ll most definitely be booking again in the near future! Thank you so much!

Shyla Scott

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